About Mark

Mark Nicol

You might think that because of how I earn my living that I am some sort of health and fitness robot who couldn’t possibly relate to you or the lifestyle demands that you face – but you’d be wrong!

As a parent of young children, as well as being self employed I appreciate that life can be pretty hectic at times and leave you feeling spread a little thin.

In fact, not very long ago, my own lifestyle was seriously out of balance.

I was a new dad, working seriously long hours and eventually came to realise that I was carrying a little more body fat than I was comfortable with, that I was constantly tired and bloated and not really an awful lot of fun to be around.

Eventually the day came that I had to consider buying jeans in the next size up – Not a good feeling!  But it was enough to make me take control, reclaim my body and establish the lifestyle I now lead.

I know that your time is too valuable to spend hours in the gym and I appreciate that sometimes there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to eat as healthily as you might like.

I also understand that it can be a struggle to motivate yourself and remain disciplined…I’ve been there too!